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04/18/2019 21:52:17
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Dr. Libor Marko is a doctor with a lifelong practice in a field of public health care and toxicology. He has worked as a special assistant and a research fellow in a field of radiology at School of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia. He has performed as an expert for radiation protection of the population in Prague. He has been concerned with apitherapy for more than 10 years. In this field, he has even went through a traineeship in Russia where apitherapy is recognized as a medical discipline connected with the field of neuroscience.

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  08/24/2018 10:06:50Aleksandrina, Heusenstamm
Отличный продукт!

  08/24/2018 09:39:36Žel. nemocnica, Košice
Máme to na predajni, užívam aj osobne!

  08/18/2018 22:04:51Milena, Devičany
skvelá náhrada Nut....

  08/17/2018 12:25:35Diéta - Martina, Vranov nad Topľou
chutná a zdravá dobrota pre malých i veľkých

Apitella Ⓢ (250g)

Cocoa and nut treat without sugar and preservatives

Manufacturer: Etami Ltd.

Weight: 250 g

Price: 6.30 €   inc. VAT


Cocoa and nut treat without sugar and preservatives


Ingredients: honey, cocoa, hazelnuts
The product does not contain any sugar, artificial colourings or preservatives!
Apitella from our own production is healthy alternative to well-known cocoa-hazelnut treat. Unlike the famous product, Apitella does not contain any sugar and its only preservative is honey. We have chosen such a proportion of ingredients that the difference between Apitella and famous calorie bomb is truly minimal. The final product of our effort will undoubtedly please any gourmand palate.

Suitable on pastry, pancakes, for baking or just simply ... on a spoon like goody treat

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